Step 1: Hosting your way :)

Over the next few pages you will have an opportunity to add exactly the capabilities and features you need to your shopping cart. In the future as the requirements for your website changes easily adjust accordingly with never any penalties or hassles.

The Service

All you need to get started is to add the $1.00 service to begin hosting your website on our reliable servers.

  • Basic Disk Space: 100mb
  • Basic Bandwidth 4000mb
  • Email Accounts
  • And much more...

Again there are never any annual contracts or penalties for removing services and no matter what service you choose you will receive world class customer support.

The Service $1.00 Monthly!

The Standard Package

For those who have been with us from the beginning and for new customers that prefer a package, we still offer our most popular package. You can get the Standard Package for only $5.00, but we are so confident you will love us, we will offer the first month for only $1.00!!

  • Basic Disk Space: 500mb
  • Basic Bandwidth 10000mb
  • Email Accounts
  • Sub domains and addon domains
  • And much more...

The Standard Package $5.00 Monthly!

Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a significant step up from a shared hosting solutions, and through virtualization, allows our customers to enjoy many of the benefits of a private server for a fraction of the price. Through software partitioning, each VPS is its own self-contained server eco-system, and capable of running its own operating system, software and multiple websites.

Virtual Private Server - Starting as low as $19.99 Monthly!

Dedicated Private Servers

Dedicated Private Servers (DPS) are the most flexible, and performance powered, of all the hosting solutions. Our customers will enjoy full root access and the ability to fully customize their server. As the name suggests, only one client per server, and SSD hard drives coupled with multicore processor options equals very fast experience.

Dedicated Private Servers